Group Salary Protection

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Group Salary Protection Schemes (sometimes referred to as Sick Pay or Income Continuance schemes) are a very effective way of enhacing the benefits you are currently providing to your staff, if you are an employer, or members, if you are an Association or representative body.

The harsh reality for most of us is we would not be able to financially survive for any significnant period of time without our salary. In this instance your first port of call will be to either your employer or represntative body to see if there is any help available.

The main benefits of a Salary Protection scheme are:

  • Disabilty benefit of up to 75% of the previous years salary

  • Benefit is paid until retirement age (normally age 65)

  • The benefit can be index linked 

  • Tax relief on the contrbutions in the same manner as a pension 

  • Group rate vs an Individual - can lead to a significant saving

We have a vast amount of experience in this area having been intimately involved in the management of some of the largest and most successful Salary Protection schemes in the country so please click on the link below and let us know how we can help you. 


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