Contractors Mortgages


One of the most common complaints made by those working as Independent Contractors is how difficult it can be to obtain mortgage approval. There can be a large amount of frustration around the fact that, even though you are probably earning more now than when in permanent position, are working in a market which has significant demand for your services and have the savings history to support your application, you find yourself going in circles trying to get a definitive answer with respect to a mortgage, 

That's why we recently launched a Contractors Mortgage service in conjunction with our partners in Icon Accounting.  


So what's different about the contractors mortgage scheme? 

  1. Simplified application process

  2. An intermediary who understands the nature of your employment

  3. Innovation and customised special offers

  4. Personalised service with no waffle

  • Meetings take place at a time & location of your convenience and are at our cost

  • We won’t waste your time as we'll work with the lenders to try and ascertain your circumstances prior to completing a full appication

  • We make no promises on approval and we won’t sugarcoat the bad news and lead you up the garden path


Scheme Benefits

  • Best rate on the market

  • 10% Discount on Life Insurance

  • Complimentary Will Service

  • Fixed Legal Fees