Superannuation Advice

supperannuationFor the vast majority of members of the Public Service, understating and evaluating their entitlements under their Superannuation scheme is a complex issue. It’s certainly not getting any easier what with changes in the state retirement age, issues arising out of different PRSI arrangements, early retirement options and deciding on which course of action to take to enhance your Superannuation scheme benefits (eg AVC, NSP, PRSA). 

In order to start this process you must first ascertain which of the existing 4 Superannuation schemes you are a member of. This is determined by when you entered (or re-entered) the service: 

  • Pre 1995 scheme

  • 1995-2004 scheme

  • Post 1st April 2004 scheme

  • Post 1st Jan 2013  - new Single Public Service Pension Scheme

It’s quite common for someone to be a member of at least 2 if not 3 of these Superannuation schemes due to their service history. The obvious question is therefore how does this impact on your Superannuation scheme benefits and who can you turn to for comprehensive advice on all aspects of your Superannuation scheme entitlements? 

Having spent the best part of the best part of 10 years working directly with members of the public sector, we feel in we’re in a unique position in Rockwell to provide this service. Unlike most brokerages, we are not doing so on the back of an AVC or PRSA scheme so there’s nothing to sell, just give straight impartial advice. 

 Our service is 100% fee based (€495) and primarily consists of:

  • As many meetings with your personal Consultant as are required - so no hidden charges. 

  • A comprehensive analysis of your finances in the form of a Financial Health Check. 

  • Service History computation

  • Advice on buying back years and reckoning service

  • Calculation of the value of your expected Retirement benefits using our unique software

  • Advice on all of your options to enhance your benefits – including AVC’s NSP’s and PRSA’s.

  • A breakdown of the value of your sick pay and Death in Service entitlements

  • The setting up of any AVC or PRSA contract – we’ll complete the paperwork on your behalf so you won’t be liable for any initial fee/commission on the contract. 

This service is available to any member of the Superannuation scheme, whether you have just started in the Public Sector, are mid-career or are getting ready to retire. If you would like to speak to us about the Superannuation Benefits Consultancy service, please click on the link below or call us directly on 01-2966120 . 


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