avcIf you have worked hard to accumulate savings, you want to make sure it is invested to meet your chosen goals and in line with your attitude towards investment risk. 

The strength of our investment advice process is one of the main reasons why clients select Rockwell Financial Managment as their Financial Planner and takes the form of 4 very simple steps:

  1. Acertain your tolerance to Risk by asking you to complete a Attitude to Risk Questionnaire
  2. Research the market to find suitable investments
  3. Make a recommendation
  4. Review your portfolio and update your risk on an Annual basis

We work closely with you to establish precise investment goals before designing a portfolio to meet your objectives. Risk management is a very important part of what we do for our clients and we always aim to avoid any nasty surprises. 

No adviser can guarantee investment performance. What we can do is closely align your portfolio with your goals and your risk tolerance. 


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